The software offered on this site is provided by:

Edwin Yip (An independent individual software developer)
Panhewan, Chebeitong, Nanjie, Guangning,
Zhaoqing, Guangdong, CN

Phone: On request by email
Contact Form: Click here

I've been making software for over a decade

Besides VPS Bootstrapper the graphical Linux VPS control panel for non-techies, the following is the list of the software I've been offering since 2006 (in order of their presence):

- MindVisualizer Mind Mapping Software:

- WritingOutliner For Word For writers:

- OwnMyCopy To-Local-PC Gmail Backup (replaces the old GmailKeeper)

- LIVEditor Text Editor With Live Preview and Inspector Designed For HTML/CSS/JS

- DocxManager (Web Site Authoring With Microsoft Word)

Download VPS Bootstrapper

VPS Bootstrapper gets rid of the command line obstacle of remote Linux server administration for non-techies who prefer a Graphical User Interface.

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