Graphical VPS Control Panel Software

One-click to setup Nginx-powered, HTTPS-enabled website hosting.
No need to touch the Linux command line any more!
You can also perform complex Linux server administration tasks with it.
Free edition is available.

One-click to setup HTTPS-enabled website hosting

Check how it works below.

Setting up SSH connection to the Linux VPS

1. Connect To Your VPS

After a Linux VPS is created, the hosting company's web platform will provide you the IP address, the SSH port number, and what Linux distribution is installed. And you copy & paste these info into VPS Bootstrapper.

Setting up SSH username and password login info for the Linux VPS

2. Create & Set The Login User

Initially there is only the 'root' superuser in a new Linux system, to align to good security practice, we don't use that superuser to administer the system and run the websites, but instead, VPS Bootstrapper let's you to create a new standard user and use it to login the VPS.

Creating Nginx-powered, https-enabled website with Let's Encrypt

3. Setup Website Hosting 

To Setup HTTPS-enabled, Nginx-powered website hosting for the VPS, all you need to do is to input your domain name and click the Create Website button!
As of today, nothing else is easier to achieve this than with VPS Bootstrapper's easy-to-use user interface!

Self-host You Website today!

Don't forget that you can also perform other Linux administration tasks with VPS Bootstrapper easy-to-use user interface.
Check out the step-by-step tutorials written for various well-known VPS providers now!

  • Free  for 1 VPS with 1 website (non-commercial uses).
  • Runs on Windows only (but manages remote Linux servers).

Buy Perpetual License Key

If you need to setup/manage more than 1 VPS or more than 1 website hosting, you must buy a license key.

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