VPS Control Panel for Non-techies to Setup Website Hosting and Manage Linux Servers

What's VPS Bootstrapper?

VPS Bootstrapper is a offline app for Windows to quickly setup remote Linux VPS for hosting websites powered by Nginx.
You can also perform other Linux server administration tasks with it.

Who Is It For?

VPS Bootstrapper is perfect for non-techies who are not familiar with the complexity of Linux commands and prefer a graphical user interface. Also great for professional agencies for quickly setting up website hosting for their clients.

Why Is It Different?

  • Unlike other web-based control panels, with VPS Bootstrapper you don't need to pre-install any software into your server, all you need is a Linux server with SSH enabled (all Linux VPS have SSH enabled).
  • One-time fee, perpetual license keys.
  • Free edition (Non-commercial uses) is available for setting up only 1 VPS with 1 website hosting.

1-click Website Setup

Once VPS Bootstrapper is able to connect to your VPS, to create a https-enabled, Nginx-powered website hosting, all you need is to do is to input your domain name and click the "Setup Website" button!

User-friendly GUI for controlling remote Linux vps for self-hosting websites

Easy-to-use GUI

The Linux command line is complex, even for IT-professionals. VPS Bootstrapper allows you to perform the complex configuration tasks with its user-friendly graphical user interface. No need to touch the command line any more!

VPS Bootstrapper

Manage Multiple Servers

Depending on your license, you can manage as many Linux server/VPS as you wish!

VPS Bootstrapper

Manage Multiple Websites

For each Linux server/VPS, you can create unlimited websites, as long as your server's capability allows.

VPS Bootstrapper

System Info And Management

In addition to one-click quick website hosting setup, VPS Bootstrapper can also perform other Linux system administration tasks such as querying free RAM (memory), free disk space, and so on. And more too come!

VPS Bootstrapper

Easy Nginx Administration

For example, you can click Download once and view the Nginx error.log file directly!

Linux virtual private server

Designed For Administrating Linux Server

VPS Bootstrapper supports the following Linux server distributions provided by most of the VPS hosting providers.
- Ubuntu Linux (most widely used)
- Debian Linux
- More's coming!

VPS Bootstrapper Is Evolving!

A feature is missing in VPS Bootstrapper? Check our roadmap or send us your suggestion >>

Download VPS Bootstrapper

VPS Bootstrapper gets rid of the command line obstacle of remote Linux server administration for non-techies who prefer a Graphical User Interface.

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