VPS Bootstrapper Version History

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16 July 2021

VPS Bootstrapper

Version 1

Initial release of VPS Bootstrapper - the graphical control panel for Linux, with the ability to quickly create a HTTPS-enabled and PHP-enabled website powered by Nginx. Download now.

17 July 2021

VPS Bootstrapper


 - Fixed: Failed installing Nginx (and maybe other packages) because the server's package repository was not updated.
 - Tested with Linode (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
 - The process of creating new user and setting login info is more error-tolerant.


Ubuntu, Debian, CentOs, and other Linux server distros supported by VPS Bootstrapper


Added compatibility with the a-little-old Ubuntu 18.04. Now VPS Bootstrapper has been tested with all of the following Ubuntu Linux server releases:
 - Ubuntu Server 21.04
 - Ubuntu Server 20.10
 - Ubuntu Server 20.04
 - Ubuntu Server 18.04
 - Debian 10
 - Debian 9

23 July 2021

Locate and View Nginx error.log file in your local computer


Added initial features for Nginx administration:
- View the Nginx error.log file content directly inside VPS Bootstrapper.
- Install Nginx as a single action (without setting up a website), restart Nginx, check Nginx version, and so on. 

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